I'm Takara~ a teen living in the UK who basically blogs about everything she loves 
I like a lot of things. Some of them being food to art, fashion to photography, travel and general Japanese related stuffs...I am also a hat hoarder, cutlery collector (mostly spoons, they're my fave) and have a fondness for all things cute (usually in the form of stationary).

Also impartial to random dancing, blurting out Frozen lyrics and lunging (gotta work those legs).

Being born in Kumamoto Japan to an English Mum and Japanese Dad is what stemmed my love for all things Japan (either that or I just consider everything Japanese to be pretty darn cool... yeah I think its more that)
'Takara Dori' was inspired by the name of my most beloved hangout in Japan~ HARAJUKU *starts singing Gwen Stafani* The main street, 'Takeshita Dōri' (竹下通り) is where all the magical, glitter filled wonders happen. Dōri means 'street' in English, so translated you are warmly welcomed to 'Takara Street'

Thanks for stopping by and don't be shy (ooo that rhymes) to say a big HELLO! or just have a snoop around ma little blog~ I can already tell we are going to be great friends   

 Do you wanna build a snowman? 

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